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This will get you every new entry into the series ∞Mysteries as it's published.

∞Mysteries is the tale of the land of Magicka, as told by it's keeper, Verone, the last True Mage. It is a strange place, on the edge of infinity, somewhere between reality and the imagination.

If you liked Vertigo comics from the 1990's, this was made for you.

You will get each digital PDF issue as it's published. Sometimes that may be up to four or five 20-page zines a month. All for $2 stinkin' bucks! Or get 2-months FREE if you do an annual subscription.

I'll also throw other goodies in over time, like:

  • Special members only wallpapers
  • Discounts on merch and print copies of things
  • Behind the scenes access to the making of on the comic
  • A cool chaos magick/artists community for you to join

What fans are saying:

"Kind of Lovecraft meets Crowley..."

"I'm blown away..."

"Really nice work."

All memberships include a 1 week free trial
$3 a month

∞Mysteries Subscription

0 ratings