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Free Unsolicited Advice For 2021 Success! (Seriously.)

2020 has been rough, and that's no lie.

Pandemics, economic upheaval, political buffoonery, police corruption, and cultural revolution.

Boil it down to one word... insane.

I've lived through some huge things: space disasters, the fall of the USSR, 9/11, over a decade in the military, and now this. 

I've often wondered how I've gotten through it without the affects that others experience and I can only come up with one thing...

Where others see an ending, I see the opportunity for new beginnings. 

That's why this year I devoted any extra time I've had into realizing dreams and creating things. I've focused on making cool things, not to make a million bucks, but because I've always wanted to do these things. (Don't get me wrong, if anyone wants to pay me a million bucks, I'm game.)

To keep my sanity, to balance what I felt as a loss, I created. 

That's a powerful thing.

When the world falls apart, you figure out how to keep it together. That's a unique thing that humans have a tendency to strive for and succeed with. Necessity is the mother of invention, after all.

If you're struggling, why not turn to your creativity to bail you out?

Everyone has a talent out there. Maybe you make things, or maybe you're great at your job. Why not use that?

For 2021, here's my list of things I hope to put out:

  • My comic book, The Last True Mage
  • A serial novel called The Magus
  • At least two writing course tutorials
  • At least one WordPress Design tutorial
  • Developing my Gumroad membership for people
  • Learning how to draw again

My best piece of non-qualified mental health advice is to find a hobby you love and engage in it.

And don't just do that - turn it into a side hustle!

You can make money off of what you know. Platforms like Gumroad, Etsy, WordPress, Squarespace, et al., make it easy to get your creation out to the world.

Still don't think you have something someone would want to pay a bit of money to know? Here are some ideas:

  • Like cooking? I like cook books! Write one.
  • Like arts and crafts? Make a video on how to make art and crafts.
  • Have a life story that is inspiring and empowering? Start a newsletter telling your story.
  • Know how to fix cars? I don't! If you can save me money by doing a video tutorial, I'd probably buy it.

The number one rule of a sales is to solve a problem, and I promise the thing you love does that.

I don't care what it is, someone wants to know about it and if it's affordable, they'll buy it. If it entertains at the same time that it provides a solution, all the better. 

So, take 2021 by storm and do your thang like a boomerang. (Yeah, I'm horrible at sign offs.)

- JF

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