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∞Mysteries - A new occult fiction comic zine

Where you a fan of 90s Vertigo comics?

Did you fall in love with the Sandman, Death, Shade the Changing Man, Hellblazer, etc.? If so, the ∞Mysteries is a new kind of comic zine experiment that you'll probably like.

Using AI, I'm creating a universe of delightful and surreal proportions, populated by stories and the beings who inhabit them. Welcome to the land of Magicika, The Kingdoms of Magick, and the home to Verone, the last True Mage.

The first issue is essentially free for your preview.

There are currently four, 20-page issues out there right now. There is also a subscription you can grab that will keep it nice and affordable for the rest of the year.

It might be what you're missing!


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