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If you need some easy, extra cash, I really would like to encourage your to join our GZS Affiliate Program. It's really simple. First, go here:

GZS Affiliate Sign Up

Fill out the necessary info, it sends me an email, I approve the account, you get links to start sharing that earn you from 15% to 50% of whatever someone pays. Most of our products allow people to pay what they want with a reasonable minimum price. So you might get a few cents, a few dollars, or sometimes much more.

Please note, you'll have to sign up for a Gumroad account, but you don't have to sell anything yourself. You can just use affiliate links and they'll deposit the money right to your bank account. Passive income made easy, especially if you have a website or newsletter or just a decent number of people that follow you on social media.

Also, our top affiliate every quarter might get a cool little gift for their support.

∞Mysteries Subscription

If you like comics that were released from the DC Vertigo line in the 1990s -- The Sandman, Shade the Changing Man, etc. -- and surrealist entertainment, like David Lynch in a comic book format, you'll probably like ∞Mysteries.

Created us AI art via the Midjourney app, it is a surreal tale of magick using sophisticated technology which will soon be commonplace.

I highly recommend that if you like the first issue of ∞Mysteries, which you can get for free if you want to check it out, that you use our subscription to get further issues. It's much, much cheaper than buying single issues.

Dark Goddess Rising Series

The DGR series by Roxi Phoenix is complete with all three issues released! You can get them here, here, and here. But also, there is news!

Many have said they want a print edition of the book, but we had to formulate a plan to cover the printing cost itself. It's very expensive. We believe we've found a way and will release information about that soon!

Talk to ya soon!


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